Monday 16 September 2013


Chai - The starter of everyday’s life and the wake up call of every routine. In India, Chai addiction is simply the only addiction which is not been counted as an addiction. We live in country of 1.20 billion population where rituals, religion and culture is been mixed like the component of tea to make a stronger and fresh tea.
that is why we are the Biggest consumer of Chai. From frustration of the pissed off College/Commercial life to welcoming guest at your place, Chai is the excuse of everything. In India, Chai is a stated as “Garam” on Questioning “Thanda ” ya “garam”. 
Every element of Chai Makes the perfect India. Tealeaf represents the spirit of the youth, Sugar represents the happiness. milk represent the peace. boiling procedure represents the struggle. 
Even the color of tea is the skin color of majority of Indians.  There is no doubt that Chai run India, Every Single sip of Chai refreshes the mind and re-juvenile the heart of young India.  With every hot sip, regenerate the memory lane of your life. the time when you’re Thadi discussing your life, others life gulping couple of tea to ignite the talk of yours. 
India Runs on CHAI!

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