Thursday, 21 November 2013

Leave Me Alone

Today, i came home late from as i dispend from my office work lately. I feels so much low that i dont want to even check my messages on cellphone and other apps. And next moment, i left my cell and kept aside and lighten my pocket. On that moment, i just want to get be alone . No one to querral, shout, ditch, but myself. So, i left unchanged and clinches to the top floor edge. The wave and smell of the air,.the dim moonlight and the low decibels of noise. In the entire atmosphere of calmness and lone numbness, the only person with me is me itself.Seems like something all the trauma and tensions of yours and your world is blowing up with the waves of slow accelating air. And then i broke my own silence and started chattering the most trustful person of my life ME.
we talked about the childhood, the changes in me, how could i be a jerk in schools, the days and the opportunity that i missed and i wish i could laid back. We also talked about future, family expectations, memoirs.
Its nice talking to him and then stand straight up and shout out to him and he also replied back with the echo.
Seriously , like me, we all need a break. Not to be with everyone bit with someone you daily saw on mirror and not even greet to him. We all need some personal space to analyse our own happiness and frantic sorrows.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


यू राह को हमसफर समझे मुसाफिर
क़ैद आँखो मे नज़ारे
और घर लगे काफ़िर
में भी लाँघ अपनी सीमा तोड़,
निकल गया कदमो से दुर
मंज़िल नही मेरी राह है फितूर
भागा सपनो की तलाश मे
तन्हा लहराता एक –पंछी बे आस मे
उड़ने से पहले मुझे तोड़ा दर है.
संबे उड़ान तो सफ़र बे सब्र है
चाहे चेहरे बदल रहे
लम्हे सारे फिसल रहे
कोई तेरा नही सागा है
ये जो साथी मुझे मिला है
दूरियो पे ख़तम इनका सिला है
जैसे रेत के वक़्त है ज़्यादा
कोई और भी है
जिससे इंतेज़ार करे वो एलहदा!

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jaipur Metro : A Boom to the city!

Jaipur! The city of Rajputanas is now extending its name to metro city as the“Metro Rail project” is gearing up in Jaipur explicitly. After two years of up-downs and uncertainty, Jaipur’s Metro train project is finally ready to hit the tracks.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) are the joint nodal agency for this venture which would start work for building the stations and railway lines for the first phase of the project.
This project comes is concentrating on two routes. The First route of Jaipur metro rail will connect Mansarovar to Badi chaupar via CivilLines and Chandpole. The length of the route is 9.2km. The approximate number of passengers expected is approx.2 lac per day and the frequency of the metro which will run on this track is estimated to be every 6 minutes as per plan.
The second route will connect Durgapura to Ambabari via Ajmeri Gate and MI Road. The tracks will be elevated till Ajmeri Gate and then will go underground. The length of this route is 23km. The approximate passenger  number of passengers expected approx. 4lac per day and the frequency of the metro which will run on this track is estimated to be every 5 minutes. As per the data the total no. of stations touched by metro is 29.
And the present situation is that Construction of the first part of the first line which is from Mansarovar to Chandpole started on November 13, 2010.
Jaipur will be first city in the country to have an elevated track for the Metro and the Bus Rapid Transport System. While the Metro would run on the elevated track, the two tracks below it would be reserved for the normal city traffic. The entire 9.2km-long Metro for the first phase will cost Rs.1,250 crore. So, Jaipurites be ready to be proud yourself!!