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Top 10 Immortal technique songs

Felipe Andres Coronel (born February 19, 1978), better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, is an American rapper of Afro-Peruvian descent as well as an urban activist. He was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Harlem, New York.Most of his lyrics focus on controversial issues in global politics. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as class struggle, poverty, religion, government and institutional racism.
Immortal Technique has voiced a desire to retain control over his production, and has stated in his music that record companies, not artists themselves, profit the most from mass production and marketing of music. He claimed in an interview to have sold close to a combined total of 200,000 copies of his three official releases.

here is the top 10 songs of Immortal technique :

1. Dance with the devil :
Dark and drastic story telling by underground rapper. very interesting to heard some devilish introspect of person in hip hop.

2. You Never Know :
2nd most versatile track and that's too a story telling about being in love. love is eternal.

3. Leaving the past:
It’s an Inspirational stuff with lyricism at its own peak. 

 4. Peruvian cocaine:
Showcasing the life cycle of how cocaine is been distributed in the country which is been produced by poor farmers of peru. Peru is the native / born place of immortal technique.

 5. Bin laden:
The song is about the tactics of the twin tower by the US president G. Bush. Bin laden and Al-Qaida as the pawn in this conspiracy is what this song tell you.

6. Voice of the voiceless:
Collaborate . With one of the finest underground rapper of London “Lowkey” and made a song about revolutionizing the citizen about the CIA and American tactics.

7. Point of no return:
extreme research and studies to make rhyme and such a unique lyricism.

 8. Natural beauty:
emphasis a revolution to natural beauty and its benefits. Did So much research on while writing this track! Hats off!

9. Positive balance:
Inspirational stuff in collaboration with Big zoo. Some punches of the track are classics and unique. Like "I give a fiend a good book instead of crack" , I jerk off inside books and give life to words, leaving concepts stuck together you probably never heard'

10.Civil War:
collaboration of best underground rappers Like Brother ali, Chuck D, Killer Mike. Also includes the sample of first black president of america. For me, three of them nailed it completely. Brother Ali is necessary for the situation while killer mike is genius and logical.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Alvida College!!

Written & Recited By :

Syed Khizar Ahmed 




Twitter :

Lyrics :

Guzre Fursat Se to yaad aayi un dosto ki..
Jo they to bade kaminey..
Par sach me zindagi they.
Jab har roz filmo ki baate hoti thi..
Har birthday pe unki laate hoti thi..
Mujhe kaun UNKNOWN hoke pareshan karega.
Kaun ab mujhe DUFFER kahega.
Kaun hai ab jo bencho pe saath Soyega.
Kaun ab mujhe har seedhi baat pe gaali dega.
Me kiska ASSIGNMENT COPY karunga.
Me kiske saath Choriya tapunga.
Kaun ATTENDANCE me mera muh band karega.
Kaun Mazzak udayega.. aur manane Khud ayega.
Kaun ab mera TIFFIN chupkey se khayega.
Ab Hum bachkane aur chirrore STEPS se nachenge.
Kaun befizul sa CORRIDOR me mere peeche bhagega.
Kiske saath nachna aur chillana hoga.
Ab kya fir CLASS me TABLE aur Besura-sa gaana hoga.
Kaash BUNK, boriyat bhare LECTURE wapas ho jaaye.
Kaash ye yaade firse sach ho jaaye.
Yaad hai?
Wo kehna JOKER.
Wo khelna Milkey POKER.
Wo ladki ki GOSSIP jo gayi chodkar..
Wo khudna CAMPUS ki deewar..
Wo gaadi pe bethe bande Chaar..
Wo MD ke saaman ke saath khelna..
Wo meri roti shayariya jhelna.
Wo naare saare.
Job na milne se haare.
Kaun ab FACULTIES se lega pange?
Kya FACULTIES bhi kahenge hume lafangey?
Wo BREAKS ke baad Jhappi dena..
Wo FACEBOOK pe befizul baate , Ulta seedha kehna..
Wo WATER-FIGHT , Wo naye-naye chaskey..
Wo ashleel se kaand, wo ATTENDANCE ke maskey..
Wo ladai wale pangey..
Wo NIGHTCALLS, Farre se kiye saare PAPER SOLVE..
Wo BACK.. Wo ALL-CLEAR wali rahat..
Wo CANTEEN ke majje, wo CS wali raat..
Na koi jugaad na ab koi galtiyo pe pakdey..
Na JUNIORS jo humsey dare..
Na ab Wo SENIORS jo humari help kare..
Na CAMPUS ka tashan..
Na seedhiyo pe bethna..
Na ab naye Juute- kapdo ka MENTION..
Na GT – Nahargarh ka BUNK..
Na STRAIGHt se ya ajeeb se baal..
Aur na ab wo kapdey JUNK..
Na wo paiso ke laaley..
Na wo aalu ke paranthe..
Na thadi ki Chai..
Na wo MESS ka khraab khana..
Na wo Roz ka HELLO! HYE!!
Na Ab CIGARETTE mahaan..
Na Wo paglo wale IDEA.
Na Wo kuch alag karne ka MANIA..
Na Roz-roz ki CHATTING..
Na SUNDAY ki mauj.. na DATING..
Na Farra- na CHEATING..
Na ab wo BENCH pe khunnass nikalna..
Na ab wo SETTING..
Bus Yaado me samaye.. ye raet ke lamhe..
Jo Ab fisal gaye hai hatho me humsey..
Yaado me sirf hai..Ek khazaana..
Wo Dilchasp Yaade..
Bhulayi jo na Jaaye..Aur yaad aaye..
Bhulayi jo na Jaaye..Aur yaad aaye..

Bahot yaad aaye..

This is all been dedicated to my college life. Miss you all.  Miss each single buddy of my college life. Aur Me KHIZAR. Alvida!

Alvida College Life!! :D

School Admission Guide

top 5 global websites providing information about schools and/ or hobbies for school-going children Are as Follows : 

images (1)

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-          It carries several components.
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-          The only con that I come to know about this website is its longer domain name.
-          Good domain name.
-          For school admissions, it carries the most SEO force.
-          Wide market , many schools covered.
-          Complex and filthy GUI.
-          There is no clear / specified option for opting specific area by user.

It is INDIAN regional Part of above website.

-          Good GUI.
-          Good website for school beginner kids
-          Primary website for nursery kids.
-          Specified just for nursery kids.

Which one of these websites do you like the most? Please provide a supporting argument
is the website, I personally liked the most. The reasons are already been specified in the Pros of the website. Reminding again, it is having a betther GUI than others. Seo performance is good. There is enrollment of many high and good profile schools with detailed information is been specified.
  1. How can can provide a far superior experience to parents looking for schools for their kids?
-          Provide School Ranking as per multiple parameters like Strength, timing, personal attention, results, extra-curricular.
-          Give tips for stress management to school kids and usability of it in daily usage.
-          Detailed information about schools as per search of parents in their area and region. And give information about history, heads, results etc.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

CAUTION : uTorrent and IDM users!

The new Fact comes up over internet about uTorrent and IDM(Internet download manager). both of these software’s are mostly used soft-wares to download contents from internet, either legally or illegally . but the fact revealed up can shock you!
 you know, these two apps/soft-wares will simultaneously decrease the life of your hard disk. people who mostly use these soft-wares  can generally witness the various symptoms which you can see in your laptops/PC/Computer that  people who use them mostly face the blue screen of death, Driver stop working sometimes,  PC hangs up and end it by restarting the system, Hard Disk Drive(HDD) access problems Or System may freeze and locking up randomly while uTorrent is running. but who don’t use these apps, the hard disk of those people lives longer. Reasons of this kind of abnormality will be posted soon

Saturday, 20 April 2013

7 Things That i Learned from Engineering!!

Hi, Myself Syed Khizar, pursuing my engineering Degree from Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology. I am in my final year and counting down the last days of my engineering life, when I turn back my head to analyze what i did in my whole engineering, there are few things that made changes in me and my life. There are 7 things that I have learned from engineering life from my own experience are:

  1.  There is always a ‘JUGAAD’ :

If you certainly ask any engineering student: “What you did different in this 4 years from other”. His answer must simply and surely be JUGAAD. if there is a will, there is a Jugaad.  Jugaad is the definitely construct a solution whenever you stuck in any non-deterministic problem. Jugaad is simply the prove of Smart working – An adjective of Engineer.

2. Area of expertise:
While pursuing our degree, we grow ourselves with developing an area of expertise, area of interest that we always ignite the enthusiasm in our blood and that almost passionate about. The career trajectory is been raise after developing a domain in your mind about yourself as the area of expertise. In the end, you come to realize of automatically drifting yourself in that field. 

3. “Kyunki har ek friend zaruri hota hai”:
F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are the part and parcel of the engineering life and also your companion in dirty sin. I just want you to recall you visualize a picture of your whole batch. Everyone have their passion and expertise. And they somehow manage to help you out when it comes to their part to help us out. We somehow learn to manage the actual friend list in our network. The friends are web of support that holds you in any move you fall down. That’s why remember each friend is beneficial.

4.      4. Handling Emergencies:
The first things that pop up after listening “Handling emergencies” are exams. How We handle to mug up the whole syllabus in a single night without caring about where we’ve lost the whole semester? How we used to make presentation before deadlines? Handling seminars, assignments, tutorial emergencies are been done just before the deadline with a properly finished compulsions.

5. Life at Extreme:
Behind the most fresh and technical curriculum studying student, there is always a craziest person. The real face of an engineer. We somehow learn to live life at extreme as the ENGINEERING tag is itself being extreme. The fun, friendship, and hostel life as well as knowledge, projects, all been leveled to at Extreme. Extreme thinking sometimes creates thoughts and thus perspective of persona.

6. Understanding:
In the developing our mind, we also learn to develop the understandability. We understand to differentiate between the good and the bad and the other which is neither counted as good or bad. Understand the values of others, understand the bonds, and understand the way to talk, behave, and feed others.

7. Belief in Yourself:
After fighting and mocking so many peer pressures and adjusting oneself with different lifestyle, entirely different environment there is a gradual growth in belief in oneself.  The faith that “you can do it” also makes other believe that you can do it definitely.  Keep your spirit high because finally you’re an Engineer! 

Friday, 19 April 2013


Lyrics :
Yo! Psypher is on the Beat Mayne!
This Song Is to ETERNAL
So, Here I Go. It’s about the feelings! Yea!
Me wo nahi jo khudko samajh baitha hu..
Sochtu bahut..par me kuch na Karta hu..
behta hu..yuhi tanha Bhataktta firrta hu..
girrta hu..khud ki khushi me marta hu..
Khud me uljhata hu ki dunia ko bhool gya..
Wajood se sulaghta hu ke gandagi se dhul gya..
gaano me jaisey Cheekhe Suni aatma ka..
Ye Kitabe wajah bani..mere khatme ka..
chahe bhaagu dur dur apni pehchan se..
maan Hairan hu hairaan hu mann se..
acha kuch acha nahi..buraai ko sachai jaan liya..
tanhai ko meri aslee aatma maan liya.
dil dhadakta jaise cheeeeeer ke saansey..
tanhai me dooba aise dhundhu teri aahatey..
(aahatey aahatey aahatey aahatey)
Mujhko dard jaise lage ek marz..
Cheekhti chillati meri ek ek nafz..
Seena cheer diya tere sir ghamand ne..
Mar kar jee rha me darr darr ke..(x2)
rehta hu chup..khudme hi gum..
Dikhe kya sach..bolu kya sachai..
jhooth bhool gaya jb taarife teri sunayi..
rihai iss maut ki jamegi jeene me..
tanhai saath kab chodegi meri jeene me..
mujhe milegi kab honge ye jazbaat..
num hai aankhe meri..tham gayi hai saansey..
girte hai aankho se..
khoon ke rakht..ruktaa hai waqt..sad gaye hai shabd..
ehsaas to chuppa kahi..zakhm hai garam..
tere zulam me kar..thoda sa rehem..
ye yaad laash kagaazo me dafna raha..
ye na dhokha denge baate saari btata rha..
dil dhadakta jaise cheeeeeer ke saansey..
tanhai me dooba aise dhundhu teri aahatey..
(aahatey aahatey aahatey aahatey)”
Mujhko dard jaise lage ek marz..
Cheekhti chillati meri ek ek nafz..
Seena cheer diya tere sir ghamand ne..
Mar kar jee rha me darr darr ke..(x2)