Sunday, 21 April 2013

CAUTION : uTorrent and IDM users!

The new Fact comes up over internet about uTorrent and IDM(Internet download manager). both of these software’s are mostly used soft-wares to download contents from internet, either legally or illegally . but the fact revealed up can shock you!
 you know, these two apps/soft-wares will simultaneously decrease the life of your hard disk. people who mostly use these soft-wares  can generally witness the various symptoms which you can see in your laptops/PC/Computer that  people who use them mostly face the blue screen of death, Driver stop working sometimes,  PC hangs up and end it by restarting the system, Hard Disk Drive(HDD) access problems Or System may freeze and locking up randomly while uTorrent is running. but who don’t use these apps, the hard disk of those people lives longer. Reasons of this kind of abnormality will be posted soon

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