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Top 10 Immortal technique songs

Felipe Andres Coronel (born February 19, 1978), better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, is an American rapper of Afro-Peruvian descent as well as an urban activist. He was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Harlem, New York.Most of his lyrics focus on controversial issues in global politics. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as class struggle, poverty, religion, government and institutional racism.
Immortal Technique has voiced a desire to retain control over his production, and has stated in his music that record companies, not artists themselves, profit the most from mass production and marketing of music. He claimed in an interview to have sold close to a combined total of 200,000 copies of his three official releases.

here is the top 10 songs of Immortal technique :

1. Dance with the devil :
Dark and drastic story telling by underground rapper. very interesting to heard some devilish introspect of person in hip hop.

2. You Never Know :
2nd most versatile track and that's too a story telling about being in love. love is eternal.

3. Leaving the past:
It’s an Inspirational stuff with lyricism at its own peak. 

 4. Peruvian cocaine:
Showcasing the life cycle of how cocaine is been distributed in the country which is been produced by poor farmers of peru. Peru is the native / born place of immortal technique.

 5. Bin laden:
The song is about the tactics of the twin tower by the US president G. Bush. Bin laden and Al-Qaida as the pawn in this conspiracy is what this song tell you.

6. Voice of the voiceless:
Collaborate . With one of the finest underground rapper of London “Lowkey” and made a song about revolutionizing the citizen about the CIA and American tactics.

7. Point of no return:
extreme research and studies to make rhyme and such a unique lyricism.

 8. Natural beauty:
emphasis a revolution to natural beauty and its benefits. Did So much research on while writing this track! Hats off!

9. Positive balance:
Inspirational stuff in collaboration with Big zoo. Some punches of the track are classics and unique. Like "I give a fiend a good book instead of crack" , I jerk off inside books and give life to words, leaving concepts stuck together you probably never heard'

10.Civil War:
collaboration of best underground rappers Like Brother ali, Chuck D, Killer Mike. Also includes the sample of first black president of america. For me, three of them nailed it completely. Brother Ali is necessary for the situation while killer mike is genius and logical.

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