Monday, 22 April 2013

School Admission Guide

top 5 global websites providing information about schools and/ or hobbies for school-going children Are as Follows : 

images (1)

-          Better and interactive GUI.
-          Style sheets of UI Pages are precisely managed.
-          SEO is efficient. As I types different query about school admission, it always topped the search or at least it is in the first page of the search.
-          It carries several components.
-          Many good profile school as per area/ region is been covered with information.
-          The only con that I come to know about this website is its longer domain name.
-          Good domain name.
-          For school admissions, it carries the most SEO force.
-          Wide market , many schools covered.
-          Complex and filthy GUI.
-          There is no clear / specified option for opting specific area by user.

It is INDIAN regional Part of above website.

-          Good GUI.
-          Good website for school beginner kids
-          Primary website for nursery kids.
-          Specified just for nursery kids.

Which one of these websites do you like the most? Please provide a supporting argument
is the website, I personally liked the most. The reasons are already been specified in the Pros of the website. Reminding again, it is having a betther GUI than others. Seo performance is good. There is enrollment of many high and good profile schools with detailed information is been specified.
  1. How can can provide a far superior experience to parents looking for schools for their kids?
-          Provide School Ranking as per multiple parameters like Strength, timing, personal attention, results, extra-curricular.
-          Give tips for stress management to school kids and usability of it in daily usage.
-          Detailed information about schools as per search of parents in their area and region. And give information about history, heads, results etc.

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