Saturday, 9 May 2015

Today's Interview - New Gen Technologies, Chennai

Today is my interview at New Gen solution, Chennai. But the Job location is also Delhi/Noida. So, i am pretty much interested to go for the interview. But as usual, my procastination sucks the opportunity again. I wish i can study for the whole weak or atleast on the last whole night. I have opened my laptop and check multiple songs but not a single java code. Woke up at 9 and interview is been scheduled at 10 in the morning . For a once,i thought of let it go this once also like i earlier did. Somehow, i have reached siruseri IT park around 10:30 at new gen building. They gave me a 2 stapled sheet which i need to fill. It includes all my information. For a while i thought that this is the only round they may have. I wish. Then, i called up for the technical round, a serious-looked, mildly mostached tamil man of middle age of 35-40 is been sitting in front of me on the round table which is having some A4 sized loose sheet and my resume and that filled up form. I am not nervous at all, i am completely blank. Completely blank that whatever question raised to me i completed said "no" or "i dont know" in my answer. Initially, i asked me to Introduce myself. Un-hestitately i promply replied. Then, the fire of technical questions is sprinkled on me.

Make a program to read from a text file and copy it to another text file?
How much you have learned in Java?

Make a Palindrome Program.

What do u mean by Result set?

Which application server you're using?

Do you worked on JBoss?

Any Idea about JSP?

Database questions like difference between Outer-Join and Inner-Join, what is a foreign key and use of Foreign key?

And there are lot more question which i sinked from my mind space. But I am having a fair idea that i wont be selected. And then HR who is managing all the interviewee called me and with a lower pitch of tone, she said

"Sorry. You have not cleared the test. You can leave now!"

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