Wednesday, 24 June 2015

One Sleepless Night.

You can only sleep when your heart is at complete rest and ease without any curiosity and futile convergence. I don't even why I am wasting so much of my night thinking much about myself. Basically the train of thought and the curiosity to reach at the end of the tunnel of thought makes me paranoia results is the insomniac nights. But tonight its kinda different, today I haven't thought about the life I am going to lead or reality of universe, human, religion but work. Not exactly the career but work that is been forgotten at the core in the course of prioritizing the personal life first. J. Krishnamurty was right as he said correctly your actions are somehow perceived by the others experience. You hear the experience of them regarding the fatigue work culture and disgraced personal life. With the eyes of other, you built your own layer of perception to these stuff and pre plan the actions. Actions which is less motivated by the present moment of yours but the past experience of others. So, I tried to much more priority to personal life than professional as i don't want to burden myself with work. But actually there is no much burden as such. this attitude of mine makes me lazy and less bothered to come up with completeness and edgy output. I have been lagged pretty much with the people with same level as mine. I would also like to blame on the my incompetency to focus, think and do the necessary actions. I miss to have a conversion that is worth for me in developing ideas and ability to grasp things properly. I should also need to work on cleverly approach while working than "no! I won't do that!". I will never do that that won't say that i won't do that. That's the difference.
One of the most committed mistake I have done is skipping decisions. You never saw the opportunity and decision folded in between while you are carelessly absurd about those things. There are multiple times i should need to care of my work and skill flow. There is nothing like big opportunity. Opportunity is opportunity and a miss is a miss. In the ideal case, If you're missing an opportunity you would be probably dealing with another one. I somehow loses small opportunity that after some time becomes a big opportunity. I should make decision at that point of time.
Some colleague corrected and guided me about focussing in work and learning. Also, helped me to how to rid out of problem and hindering help at the cumbersome of problem.

I have some decisions. Though ruined my whole night thinking, regretting and atlast, waking up! Its never be too late. Be confident. If problems are lock, confidence is always a public key. Play! Try to get and complete the work asap. Whatever the bulk of work given to me, i will be completed as soon as possible with a short time frame and keeping milestones everyday. think. Do. Realize. Take action.

Mohd. Ali said it right you can never achieve goal in one day. Make small small goal. Walk feet by feet. Remember to trace the feet and you'll reach the destiny.

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