Thursday, 9 July 2015

Indian Rap Cyphers | Who's the Best?

Meanwhile the mainstream music channels are ruining the genre with the likes of Honey Singh, Raftaar, Badshah. The correct definition of this genre is bubbling up the nation in the format of Cyphers. Wikipedia define it as an informal gathering of rappers, beatboxers, and/or break-dancers in a circle, in order to jam musically together. Every city come with an idea to represent themselves for the genre in the form of City Cyphers. These Lyrical geniuses generated a new definition to Rap which is not widely known in India which includes the linguistic elements with much entertaining format.

Bengaluru Rap Cypher

This is how the amazing series of Indian City Cypher is been started. The storm started from South Indian tech-city Bengaluru that includes the English as well as the Kanadda rap. This cypher shine out by the nationally-acclaimed rappers Smokey and Brotha V. It also includes Low rhyders crew, Big Deal, Lil B. Beat is kinda funky and groovy and been produced by Brodha V itself.

Bombay(Mumbai) Rap Cypher

As the storm heaten up and hit the city of dreams - Bombay / Mumbai. All the rappers in the cypher are working hard to rise the hip hop culture of the nation and collectively brought up the next level benchmark after bengaluru. Beat is been produced by Sez and video is been incorporated by the team INC and Kokkivo Clothing. Sharp punchlines and crazy flow with the desi flavoured rhymes on a banging beat set it own milestones. Line up includes - Kav-e, Enkore, D'EVIL, Poetik Justis and Divine.

Delhi Rap Cypher 2014| DLCYPR1947

As bombay put the Cypher on the map, why would Delhi left behind to compete with their ultimate rivals. This is called the DLCYPR1947 as it is been incorporated by Team Nineteen47. The line-up is impressive and tight with both English and Hindi linguists. Plus, the video is pretty good quality-wise. The beat is eargasmic and been produced by Sez. the Line-up includes Ghost Status, Knuckle Dusta, Panini, Rawal, dM and MC Heam.
Delhi is not a softer, it next level shit in the Indian Underground.

Chandigarh Rap Cypher

When metropolitan cities are under the viral fever of Cypher, Why would the city of pioneer language of Desi HipHop left Behind? - Punjabi. The best part of the Cypher is it is been live recorded. Beat is been produced by the opener of this rapper - Cash Cardz / MC fresco. Though, video lack behind but lyrically comes out to be the ace of city. Line up includes D gunner, N-Gritz, Suraj and Gd Singh.

Ludhiana Rap Cypher

This city cypher is known to me just few days back. Except for D-Hustlerz, other rappers are not widely known to me but In this, they proved themselves on the Map. Everybody got their style and flow. beat is been produces by Tush Hind. too much smooth flow and tangy punches bringing brain storm of thoughts. Line-up includes Harry, TushHind, Tej, Manu ramgharia, Jack Ameen and Jeewan Malhi.  language is mostly Punjabi and English.

The Mumbai Cypher

Another bunch of rappers dig more Desi-ness in the another Mumbai cypher. The ‘Mumbai Cypher’ which they define it as #SHUDHDESI is India’s First Rap Cypher only in regional languages. This includes rap in Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi and Hindi. This made for our city especially and they have incorporated the famous ‘Lezim’ sound along with Nasik Dhol from Mumbai and Maharashtra. It is by the people and for the people. This is conceptualized by Ace aka 39 and Mumbai’s Finest. The video is shot in the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai . Line up includes  Stony Psyko, A.B.Y, Tod Fod, Kinga Rhymes, Mawali & Ace aka 39. produced by D- Hood & Basicc Beatz.

Kolkata Rap Cypher

twirling from south to north, Cypher series hit the East as well. The video is been directed differently than the previous city cypher. Line up includes Joe, Cizzy, Hardknok,Feyago, Philip, Harsha and A-List. Beat is been produced by Cizzy. Crazy flow in the Bengali as well as English. Cyphers hold the bench-mark of best of the punchlines. A-list dance at the video is sherry on the top.

Capital Punishment - New Delhi Cypher

In the series of the City cyphers, the latest addition to the list is the another New Delhi Cypher. This one is full of pure talent and dynamic punchlines. This one is been supported by Desi Hip Hop. Beat is funky and been produced by none other than Sez. The line up includes Raga, Marco, KeepSake, KrazyClip, Slyck, Youngsta Ash and the funky closure by Prabh Deep. Video is been produced by Inflict.

Shout/out to other city cyphers

Ghaziabad Rap Cypher

Ludhiana Vs Everybody

So, It's your turn to choose who is the best of all?

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