Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Death is a mystry no body gonna answer
Dig more in your soul, it take you to farther
Talk to your father, Think about the Karma
I grind harder but this world is so possessed
When I stop living for others
I should stop living for my self
But i ll be there whenever u need any help
Better see myself as Book in the shelf than goon with the wealth
Not to take the ransom but to play with any grandson
Like kalam said on being handsome if u give hand to some
Just shun condemn those politicians livin in mansion
Divorse is yours, but how ur kid live with a step mom?
I wanna trigger happiness and wisdom is the gun
Not preaching but i actually want to be one
And thats what i'll teach it to my son
Never prevail the hate
Sorry! I lf i ever hurt you
Talk to me, unless you feeling like Curfew
Let you know about the sacred than prevailing hatred
t-shirt shed red in extremist trap race
Stop embracing your religion, caste you born into
Stop embracing your mother who born you
Everybody have the problem they been gone thru
Become "Yourself" if any celeb that you want to
U ll become one if your put your heart into
Never look back cause the black ghost frost you
Like those granny lullaby told you
You become one how life fold you
You become one how life bold you

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